GrinderVac Solid Black 0,07 Liter

GrinderVac Solid Black 0,07 Liter

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The incredible Grindervac not only grinds your favorite HERBS & SPICES into a fine powder - it is also a vacuum sealed container that will keep your herbs fresh for very long periods of time. It features an air tight storage compartment on the top of the cap and comes with a plastic poker to easily scrape grinds from the specially designed 3 chamber bottom grinder. 

Great for garlic, nuts, cloves, leafy herbs. A wonderful tool for Chefs on the go - camping, RV's, second homes, mobile (as in on the go) applications.

Military Grade Plastic - Super Strong

Dimensions: 1"tall X 3" dia / 0.07 liters Capacity: can hold up to 10 grams

Additional product information

Diameter 74 mm
Height 28 mm
Material Plastic
Magnet No
System Pyramid teeth
Supplies Scraper


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Ersatz Gleitring für Grinder Øaußen=62mm Øinnnen=57mm Ersatz Gleitring für Grinder Øaußen=62mm Øinnnen=57mm
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