PURIZE Filters are high quality active charcoal filters „Made in Germany“. PURIZE filters in the //Regular size// are suitable for all standard 9 mm pipes

and of course for ALL types of self- rolled cigarettes

The highly effective activated charcoal in PURIZE filters is organic in origin and absorbs harmful substances in the smoke.

The activated charcoal which is in a PURIZE Filter, has a surface area which is comparable to a modern Jumbo jet wing. This enables undesirable substances such as tar and dust to be filtered out with each puff of the smoke.

Only the desired active substances, aromas and flavours comes through with the smoke to be inhaled for a enjoyable smooth smoking experience.

Harsh blends are made milder, and even smoking PURE will be smoother. With PURIZE filters you save your lungs, that’s for sure!

BTW // Unlike other manufacturers, PURIZE relies on use of 2 heat-resistant ceramic caps on both sides of the filter.

No matter which way round you place the activated charcoal filter it will work, with PURIZE there is no confusion, their is no right or wrong, PURIZE always fits!

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