Vacuum Container black with blue top (0,12Liter)

Vacuum Container black with blue top (0,12Liter)

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The most popular Tightvac! Small enough to fit into a large pocket. The perfect container for herb & tobacco storage, vitamins, prescription drugs, medical marijuana, coins and sweet's . It holds all your most sacred items such as precious jewels, bracelets and rings. Don't leave home without your Minivac!. A small size (0.12 L) vacuum seal able container, ideal for keeping those precious herbs fresh and private.

Air Tight - Water Resistant - Smell Proof

Sucks out air as cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal -- Super cool modern design. Keeps food and herbs ultra fresh. Extremely strong and durable. Push button down and pull off. Its that easy! Vacuum Seal the Deal!! Minivac.

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