Secret Can Diamond-Marker

Secret Can Diamond-Marker

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The Diamond-Marker is a discreet and well thought-out protection for your valuables and at the same time a useful pen for notes or sketches. It's a reliable companion and will never fail you, neither on a journey nor going out and having fun.




Store banknotes in your Diamond-Marker or fill the sealed interior with your favorite tobacco to keep it fresh. Three small glass containers with screw top are included in the set and fit perfectly inside the case. Use them to safely store and transport aromatic oils or resins, gold dust or - as indicated by the name - diamonds. The integrated multifunctional tool can be used for:

  • Taking out objects stored inside the case
  • Taking out objects or oils stored in the glass containers
  • Replacing the used pencil lead

For a couple of reasons it's very important to fix the multifunctional tool to the silicone lid by hooking it into the small hole of the lid. First the tool can't get lost that way but second - and even more important - the tool fixed to the lid is an essential part of the Diamond-Marker's specific design. This design guarantees that the small glass containers are stabilized well in the inside of the case without any kind of movement or suspicious rattle. In order to assure this and to fully enjoy the device there are three recommended ways of filling the case:

  1. Filling the inside of the case completely - e.g. with banknotes or tobacco - without using any of the glass containers
  2. Filling the inside of the container partly with banknotes or tobacco and store one of the three containers - e.g. with gold dust or oil - in the silicone lid
  3. Fill the inside of the case completely with all three glass containers at the same time

Choosing option B) and C) you must make sure to correctly insert the one glass container which is stored in the silicone lid. You first put the container into the lid and push it to the bottom and only then push the lid with the container inside the case. Like that it will be easier to push the whole lid inside the case and the glass container will be firmly secured inside the lid.

Summarizing options A), B) and C), when using the glass containers it's highly recommended to use either only one container or the three at the same time. If you use two containers then one of them - the one which is not secured inside the lid - will be loose inside the case and rattle.

The Diamond-Marker is available in three different colors: red, blue and black. It works with pencil leads (graphite) with a diameter of 5,6mm, a length of 20mm and a 2B hardness. You can always order replacement leads as well as other replacements in your trusted shop or through This kind of leads may also be found in specialist shops with a length of 120mm. To cut and sharpen these leads by yourself is an economical alternative to the leads produced manually by Diamond-Marker.

In order to replace a lead, open your Diamond-Marker on both ends and use the multifunctional tool to push the rest of the used lead inside the case until it gets loose and drops out on the other side. Now simply introduce a new lead.

Content of the set:

  • 1 Diamond-Marker
  • 3 Glass containers with screw top
  • 1 Multifunctional tool

Length: 150mm

Diameter: 18mm

Weight including the glass containers: 24gr


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